2015 Sales Tax Holidays - save on school supplies and clothing

Sales Tax Holidays 2015 (Save on Clothes & Supplies)

Save on clothes & school supplies if your state is participating in a Sales Tax Holiday for Clothes & School Supplies. Even if you do not have children attending school, it's a good time to stock up on office supplies or preschool art supplies at back-to-school sale prices with no sales tax. … [Read More...]

Lego BrickFair 2015 Ticket Giveaway

Lego Brickfair 2015 Ticket Giveaway

It's that time of the summer--time to get your LEGO on! Lego BrickFair 2015 is back in the DC area this August, and it's a family tradition for us and many LEGO families to spend the afternoon there. BrickFair is a huge Lego Expo put on by AFOLs (Adult Fans of Lego) from all over the country, and … [Read More...]

Our Summer Schedule

Our Summer Schedule

Hope your summer break is going well! We're having a great time here in our third week (I know, they've only been out a little while, there's still a lot of summer left!). I'm babysitting two extra kids, and between them and the many friends over, family visiting, etc. the house is full. It's been a … [Read More...]

Harris Teeter Breakfast for Dinner

Breakfast for Dinner {Frugal & Healthy Meal}

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Harris Teeter, who along with me wants to help your family eat healthy meals. Busy summer days and nights can make it challenging to feed the family a healthy meal. It's a good thing that Harris Teeter has more lower prices on organic and natural items. I … [Read More...]

Quarter One Update 2015 Financial Goals

2015 Financial Goals Quarter 2 Update

Every year, I share my family's Financial Goals, then update them each quarter, both to hold us accountable and to inspire you to write out and achieve your own goals. We're halfway through the year--how are your 2015 Financial Goals shaping up? As happens almost every year, our motivation … [Read More...]

Free Shutterfly Photobook

10 Ways to use a FREE Shutterfly Photo Book

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. That means that if you purchase through my link, I receive a small percentage. Thanks for supporting MoneywiseMoms at no additional cost to you! Summer is all about the photos! Whether you're traveling, doing summer sports, or just soaking up the … [Read More...]

ClimbZone Laurel MD #familytravel

ClimbZone USA {Laurel, MD}

This post contains affiliate links. Thanks for supporting MoneywiseMoms at no cost to you! Last year, a ClimbZone USA opened in Laurel, Maryland. I kept hearing about it and hearing about it (all good things), but the cost always unnerved me (admission is $25/person). I finally bit the bullet … [Read More...]

Peter Pan 360 Discount Tickets

Peter Pan 360 {Discount Tickets Offer}

A few months ago, an odd structure started going up in the Tysons Corner area here in Northern Virginia... I remember seeing it and thinking, what on earth? Turns out it's for Peter Pan 360, an amazing show that's returning to the US by popular demand after 4 years. I'm so excited it's here … [Read More...]

What Kind of Camera Do You Use?

What Kind of Camera Do You Use?

This post contains affiliate links. Thanks for supporting MoneywiseMoms at no additional cost to you! I'm so old-school, I'm still using a point-and-shoot. But I love how portable it is, and I still get decent pictures for my family albums and for the blog, whether it's travel photos or food … [Read More...]