Using the ECB Program to Buy What You Need

This week there’s a perfect example of how to use CVS’s ExtraCare Bucks program to buy what you really need–for pennies (tax, usually). This week, you can buy Colgate Total toothpaste for $2.99 and earn $2.00 ECBs back, and the limit is 5. By printing this coupon and this coupon, you earn “overage” of 51 cents per tube, which you can spend on other items:
I did:
4 Colgate Total Toothpaste 11.96
1 Sippy Cup 4.99
Total was $16.95; I used the four $1.50 off coupons and a $3/$15 CVS coupon (my local CVS will accept a CVS coupon as long as it scans, which means for two weeks after expiration). I paid $7.95 plus tax (which I paid with a $3 and a $5 ECB and earned back $8.00 in ECBs). I was able to buy something we needed (the sippy cup) for nothing!

I realize that not everyone can use the $/$$ coupons past their expiration; some areas do. If you can’t, just hold onto this lesson until a new coupon is released. Reminder–if you haven’t registered your ExtraCare card at with an email address yet, do that and you’ll get a $4/$20 coupon emailed to you.


  1. Here in Southern California they aren’t doing buy Colgate at $2.99 and get $2 ECB’s. I checked everywhere and they aren’t doing it. What they are doing is buy one get one free on the 4 oz. sizes but regular price is $3.49. However when you combine the coupon it breaks down to a pretty good deal!