WFMW: Google Reader

Last month, I wrote about how to subscribe to a blog and how you can do that through email or a reader. I’m using Google Reader and I really like how it helps me organize all the information I get online. Right now, I’m interested in doing some home decor projects, especially seasonal ones, so I’ve been pointed to lots of new blogs with lots of great ideas. I started a new folder in the left sidebar of my subscriptions to categorize the Home Decor Blogs. I also have folder for Frugal Sites, Blogging Info, Parenting Sites, and Personal Blogs. Here are a couple of other tips I have if you’re using a blog reader:

  • When you get to a new blog that looks interesting, subscribe to it, but keep it in the bottom of your subscription list for a while. If you find that you do like the blog, add it to one of your folders. If not, just delete the subscription.
  • Using a reader is a great way to keep current on your friends’ and family’s personal blogs. The reader will let you know when they’ve been updated, so you can click over to see the photos and stories. Since you won’t see an orange RSS symbol on a personal blog, just click the green area “Add Subscription” on the left side of Google Reader and put in the blog address.
  • If you come across a post that you like or want to save for later (say, because you’re interrupted by toddler twins getting into any-number-of-things-they’re-not-supposed-to), scroll down to the bottom of the post and click “Add Star.” This will mark the article and you can later pull it up by clicking “Starred Items” in the top left hand corner of the reader. If you forget to mark the article…
  • Use the Search window at the top of the screen to find information you’re looking for. Often I’ve read a recipe or seen an idea but forgot to mark it for later. Use the search function to find it again so you can add a star.

I have probably only skimmed the surface of all the features on Google Reader. What’s your favorite function?

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  1. I use Google Reader but I didn’t know about the ‘Starred Items’. Thanks for the great tip!

  2. I just started using Google Reader. Your tips help tremendously.

  3. I say thanks also for the starred items tip. Didn’t know about that!

  4. Thanks for your comment on my blog – I hope you enjoy making chicken broth!

  5. Great tips. I’m still trying to learn all of the tricks with my reader.

  6. Audra Krell says:

    Great tips, I didn’t know you could subscribe if there wasn’t the orange RSS- thanks!