Just Back from Safeway…

…with another run for the Mix & Match Promo that runs through Tuesday, March 31. See all the great scenarios in my Mix & Match Mr. Linky. This time around, I used a bunch of newspaper insert coupons:

3 Fuze Juice Drinks $3.75 (used three .25 off coupons from 1/14, which doubled)
2 Honest Tea $2.50
2 Wet Ones $5.00 (used two .75 off coupons from 2/8, which doubled)
2 Deer Park Aquapods $4.00 (used the $1.00/2 from 2/8)
1 Lysol Wipes $2.50 (used the $1.00 off from 3/15)

My total was $17.75, then the automatic $5.00 came off plus the $6.50 manu coupons, bringing me to $6.25. Then, the Aquapod Catalina promo gave me another $1.00/2 coupon plus a $2.00 off your next order.

If you’re having success with the Mix & Match promo, let’s hear about it! Link up here or post a comment on that post. Thanks!


  1. Charlene says:

    I thought the aquapod catalina ended? So it is still running as of today?

  2. The tags in my store said April 19, and according to Slickdeals’ Safeway thread, it’s running till April 15, 19, or 24 in many parts of the country.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ok, which Safeway did you get your Aquapods? I went to the OKM one, and they were out! :(

  4. Hey Gina, which Safeway did you get your Aquapods? I just got back from the OKM Safeway- no aquapods :(

  5. Chief Family Officer says:

    I went today & spent $8 and change, and saved $23 something. I had to shake my head because the woman in front of me had a bill over $100 and the cashier told her that she'd saved $12 something.

    I am thinking of going back tomorrow – checking right now to see if I have enough coupons to make it worthwhile :)

  6. Kingstowne, because I noticed OKM hasn’t restocked theirs all week.

  7. Went to Genaurdis (safeway) yesterday, I bought 22 items (20 from the mix and match) my total came to $51 and change. I used a $5.00 off $50 or more from the entertainment book (which was a gift), got $10.00 for the promo, then had $15.69 in man. coupons plus a free gum coupon. Anyway, my total came to $16.99 which was .90 tax. Average price per item was $.72!!!!!!!

  8. Ellie Durham says:

    Where in the store did you find the WetOnes? I keep looking but can't find them…
    I had a great run today but the register only took $5 off instead of $10 (I had 23 items from the M&M list). So, I have to take my receipt back tomrorow. Also, it didn't take off the B1G1 Lysol… Thanks for all your tips!

  9. Ellie–funny you should mention it. I had to go ALL over the store looking for the Wet Ones. They were with the paper napkins and paper towels. Weird spot!

  10. Ellie Durham says:

    Found the paper towels today! yeah! I need to find more of those coupons :) I paid only $5! In the NoVa area, at some stores the register is not taking the extra $5 off after the first 10…. I bought 20 on Saturday and had to take my receipt back today to get the extra $5 back… they were super nice about it and said they are having trouble with the registers. Thanks so much for all your tips everyone!
    — Arria (mommy to Ellie)