Living Well, Feeling Great Promo at Safeway

It’s that time of the year again, time to clear out some shelf space at home because…we’re stocking up at Safeway! If you’re in another part of the country–you’re in luck–this promo is also running at Safeway’s partner stores of Carrs, Dominicks, Genuardis, Pavilions, Randalls, Tom Thumb, and Vons. The Living Well, Feeling Great promo is a Catalina offer that says:

Get a $10 off coupon good on your next visit for every $30 you spend on participating products in a single shopping trip between April 15-May 5.

Things you need to know:
  • There are over 3,000 participating products. Here is a full list (48 pages long) thanks to Bob at Slickdeals. You can use it to search for products you regularly buy to see if they are participating in the promo.
  • Products are marked with shelf tags that say Living Well, Feeling Great. As the weeks go by, some tags may be taken down and replaced with red sale price tags, but the products will still be participating. However, if you have a problem with your $10 coupon not printing, you won’t be able to show the manager the tag that says the product is participating.
  • As with any $/$$ promo, your best strategy is to stay as close to $30 as possible. You can do this promo multiple times during the April 15-May 5 promotion period.
  • Within the $30 threshold, the more products you purchase the better, as you can apply coupons to each product (I’ll show some examples momentarily).
  • The $10 coupon that prints out is a Catalina coupon. Read my post about how Cats work and what to do if yours doesn’t print out.

Look in your store for an extra Living Well flier that includes SuperCoupons for O Organic Milk, Ben & Jerry’s and Starbucks Ice Cream, Contessa, Sun Chips, Dasani Water, Starbucks Coffee, Capri Sun, and Bright Green. They each say one per purchase and $10 additional purchase required. All expire 5/5/09 (so pick up a few!). Thanks to WBBell at Slickdeals for the heads up.

And finally, this post will serve as the base page for all Living Well, Feeling Great scenarios from now through May 5th. As I find scenarios and buy my own groceries, I’ll link back those posts to the Mr. Linky below. If you are a Safeway (or partner store) shopper, please post your results and link up here. Be sure and use a permalink, not just your blog address, and include a link back to this post. It helps all the newbie shoppers to see what everyone is buying and how the promo works out. If you’re not a blogger, please use the Comments section, or you can email me your photo and write-up.

**Update–that Mr. Linky is full! Thank you to everyone who has shared their photos and results. Here’s a new one:


  1. I so agree that it helps newbies. I was so confounded when I first started couponing, “how DID you do that?” I am not posting scenarios anymore on my blog, but I’ll be sure to e-mail you a note and a photo the next time I shop. I am looking for the best deal to use those Barilla 50c off Qs. But for right now, I am fully stocked thanks to you!

  2. I am SO excited! I have a home mailer from my aunt (I NEVER get anything!) and it includes coupons for FREE Safeway Salad dressing and $1 off FE Salad (which I have a $.75 manq) so those overlap. Plus a $10/$50….I plan to go Sunday (Dominick’s) and will certainly drop my link here and linkback to you. I also have a FREE OM Deli Creations plus $1.50/1…so I am psyched for this!

  3. I just wanted to be 100% sure that this deal rolls….has anyone rolled it?

  4. Anyone else having a problem with this promo? I just made my first run and had three problems:
    1. I was told my $10 cat would not print because my price fell below $30 AFTER coupons! (It was $32 before Qs.)
    2. Some of the items on the list and even in the Living Well flyer were not marked with a shelf tag. How can I make sure they will ring up as part of the promo?
    3. My Safeway just decided that they will only take 1 of each IP, no duplicates. (They think people are photocopying them, I guess.)

    I was able to have a manager check each of my items to make sure they were participating in the promo (they were), and he printed a $10 cat for me, but now I’m afraid to go back tomorrow.

  5. Kim–sorry you had trouble! First off, many cashiers/managers will say #1 when the Cat doesn’t print, but it’s not true. If they won’t help you at CS, you can always call Catalina at 888-8COUPONS and they’ll go over your receipt and credit you.

    #2 is common, and it will get worse as the weeks go on and shelf tags are replaced with sale tags. Two things you can do–save all the various ads that come out and use the photo to prove it’s a qualifying item (only necessary if your cat doesn’t print). You can also click on the full list I have at the beginning of this post to see if your item is on it.

    #3 is happening at more Safeways. You just have to get creative about how to plan your transactions. It takes more time, and it’s a pain, but they have the rules so people don’t abuse the system.

    Feel free to email me if you need help figuring out your next transaction.

  6. Ellie Durham says:

    Had a pretty good run last night. COuldn’t find the flyer with the coupons in it though…has anyone found it?
    I got 5 Bertolli (don’t know how that extra one got in my cart- 2 $2 ONYO catalinas did print), 6 No YOlks (ONYO catalina did not print), the tissues, 5 Healthy choice ($5 promo did come off), 1 Cheerios (I had a free coupon for it) and 1 Planters Peanut bars.
    I got the reusable bag but the cashier forgot to scan that coupon… so, I paid 1.50 for it- shot! So, the reusable bag and the 5th bertolli were my errors. Thanks so much for all the tips Gina! I am sending hubby back out tonight 😉
    – Arria

  7. Arria–I would take your receipt in next time, they’ll credit you for the coupon. I found the flier today; I’ll post a pic ASAP.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I did my first run today and did not get my $10 cat printed out, due to the amount being lower than $30.00 after coupons….I did find a great deal, the Ball Park Franks Low Fat Angus are BOGO, on the LW promo and they had $1.00 off peelies on them. Making 4 packages of hot dogs for 4.89!

  9. I found the flyers and I have a $2 manq on Starbucks, so that’s $4 off! yay! Two stores were out of Barilla pouches…one problem with the economy is that more people look for deals such as this :( alas. Will go tomorrow!

    As for one “copy” of an IP, it is actually in their coupon policy that they only accept one like IP. You can e-mail them for their policy and the respond fairly quickly. Also accept bogo, but not FREE IP, no more than $5 on a coupon, must have expiry, etc. Very picky!

  10. Coupns-Feed-U says:

    Sorry, I hit enter before i was done typing the name, you can delete the one that says coupon-. I will probably be doing this deal many times before it’s over!!! I’m thinking that maybe in the April 28th Food Section of the paper there might be a $10 off $50 purchase coupon to combined with this deal, I’m hoping anyway, sometime they have it in the last or first Tuesday of the month in the Oregon/SW Washington region. Thanks for doing this linky post!!

  11. I found your blog on accident yesterday and am thrilled to see all the deals you’re coming up with. Thank you for posting about the frozen food deal overlap, I’ve been looking all over for ideas to get my mom started on this promo and that’s perfect for her!

  12. I linked over to this post at Thanks for all the great info!

  13. Lynn in MD says:

    I had a great 1st run today. Receipt says I saved 89%. Really 100%+ if you count the cat that printed…
    Total Savings: $78.52
    OOP: $9.55
    (Although I did use $6 in Cats from a previous promo)

    A couple of things…
    The bottles of Ocean Spray Cranergy that are on sale for $3.49 have a $2 off MQ hangtag on them… so total cost for these is about $.34 when you figure in the LW promo and the MQ.

    In addition to the newspaper insert looking thing with coupons for the LW promo, there is also a booklet for the Bright Green products. It can be found in the same display, way down low. The booklet contains a $1 off any Bright Green product that doesn’t expire until the end of the year!! So a good coupon to hang on to for future promo use. :)

    Finally, I found another display that is from SC Johnson brands and has over $37 in MQs in a booklet. The outside of the booklet has a family in front of a house on it and the Safeway logo in addition to all the product logos. The MQs say nothing about Safeway (so great for deals at other stores) and include a coupon for a FREE Glad PlugIns Scented Gel warmer (up to $2.29 value).

  14. Lynn in MD says:

    Well, all my excitement from yesterday was dampened today. I went to a different Safeway this morning… because I thought I’d read online that today was the last day of the Bertolli deal (and my store was out).

    I was thrilled when I walked in an found plenty of the microwaveable Bertolli in stock. I picked up 12 of those, plus: Sunchips, Capri Sun Sunrise, and Bright Green facial tissue.

    I was shocked when, at the register, nothing printed when my transaction was complete (OOP was $4.03 but BC total was above $30). I asked for my transaction to be re-rung at another register where I could see that Catalinas had been printing. When this was done (although she didn’t ring my coupons that time), I did get the $10 LW Cat – but no Bertolli cat.

    I did another transaction, rolling the $10 Cat, with some similar items and some new things… being sure that my BC total was over $30 (AC was $1.91)… and again NOTHING printed.

    I just got off the phone with Catalina. They’re going to investigate and get back to me. However, they said that the Bertolli promo at that store ended on the 19th! So, I missed out on $18 worth of Cats! :(

  15. 4 Crazy Kids says:

    Does anyone have suggestions for rolling this & having a very low OOP for those of us that have stores that DON'T double coupons? My store also doesn't have the Capri Sun Sunrise or Bertolli pouches so I can't do those deals either. I've been buying Electrasol but don't know of many other really great scenarios. Any ideas?

  16. Anonymous says:

    I just started a blog on organic deals and couponing. I was able to get some great organic food for a great deal and I’m going back for more. Here’s my blog:
    Thanks for all of the great deals and tips on your site!!!

  17. I am very frustrated every time I go to Safeway and the people at CS are not helpful at all. I tried a deal today, and a CAT wouldn’t print out due to it being under $30 after coupons. I went to CS and they would help me. By that time, my two children were practically flipping out and I left the store in tears. It makes me not want to shop there ever again.

  18. SaveAtHomeMommy says:

    4CrazyKids- My store doesn’t have the CapriSuns either and I used all my Bertolli coupons before the promo started! You can check out my scenarios for some ideas you might not have seen yet and good luck!

  19. Frugal Living Online says:

    Thanks for setting up this Mr. Linky as it has given me tons of great ideas. Thanks everyone for participating!

  20. Has anyone else had trouble with their $10 coupon printing? I have done 8 transactions no trouble at all and then the last 2 it didn’t print. I have been EXTREMELY careful to only purchase items with the tag indicating that it is part of the deal.

    The worst was today. I bought $40 dollars worth and every item was part of the deal according to the tags. The manager and service clerk completely hasseled me saying I must have not purchased enough.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know if both items count toward the promo if they're listed as buy 1 get 1 free? The Pure & Natural soap is listed as such as my Genaurdi's and I have two $1 coupons from a recent paper, but I'm not sure if I'll get credit towards the promo for only the $4.69 of one or of both? Any thoughts? I'm completely new to using coupons and rolling CATs!

  22. Benichole says:

    First time I had the manager go over my receipt and then he paid me my $10.00. The second time he printed out the list(50 pages or so) so I could compare my list and show it to to the cashiers if there was another problem!

  23. Anon–if you buy items that Safeway has on BOGO (like the Orville Redenbacher popcorn), then only 1 counts towards the promo $30. If you buy two and you have a manu coupon for BOGO, then both count. Hope this helps!

  24. Mrs. Carroll says:

    Can you define “rolling”? Do you mean you can get the 10 off your next purchase of $30 or does it have to be off of your next purchase of $40?

  25. “Rolling” means you can turn around and use that $10 Cat to purchase another $30 towards the promo. Some stores, like Walgreens, doesn’t allow you to do that with their rewards program. It works fine at Safeway.

  26. Wish I had known about calling Catalina. Same problem as many others the total was $30 before coupons and the $10 did not print out afterward. With a fussy baby, I agreed to do what the CS suggested and was willing to do–go purchase $6 more items to make total $30 and she would add to the other purchase and then print coupon for me. However, by the time I was done, the deal was not such a great one.
    Thi was the second time–the first time I went it did not print either (even though over $30 because I bought a few other items) Guess it registered that it was fewer than $30 worth of live well stuff (after coupons, that is) They gave me a gift card for that.
    I also a bit frustrated since I am tired of rolling this and the Live well coupon is only good for 1 week! (shocked at that) and this week’s specials are VERY poor at our local Randalls. Oh well…

  27. I can’t seem to figure out how to link up to your MR Linky–it just shows the links already there on a separate page? But, I wanted to let you know that the Huggies large box of diapers for $29.99 are included in the promotion–I just went today and was able to get that and a small item and get my $10 catalina–works out to $.16/diaper–great price!! You can check it out here:

  28. That Mr. Linky filled up. Thanks, everyone! I put up a new one.

  29. Karrisa says:

    Just got back from an awesome Tom Thumb trip! Doing the happy dance! Plotting my next transaction as we speak! I started out hating this sale because it seemed so complicated but all the links here to real-life scenarios have helped tremendously! Thanks a million!