WFMW: Making a Second Meal

Dinner can’t get any easier–just pull it out of the freezer and stick it in the oven. No, it’s not a processed frozen meal from the grocery store, it’s one of our family favorites, a repeat from a few weeks ago.

Some nights when I’m cooking, I take the time to make a second batch of whatever the meal is–lasagna, meatloaf, enchiladas, etc.–and freeze it to use on a busy night later on. I have found that it only takes 10-15 extra minutes to prep more ingredients for a second batch, and it saves me a LOT more time on that busy weeknight down the road. While we’ve been snowed in, I spent some time cooking doubles of our favorite meals, cooking up biscuits and muffins to freeze, and going through my favorite cookbooks looking for new recipes to try. I try something new once, to see if my family likes it, before cooking a double or triple batch to freeze. It’s an easy habit to do that really saves me time and money in the kitchen.

What are your favorite recipes to freeze for later?

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