Big Deals at Giant this Week

*Update: It’s possible that Giant has changed the system so that you need to use SALE prices. Be aware.

Great news! Just like the last big Giant Catalina promo, the shelf prices are working and not just the advertised sales prices. That helps you get to the $20 threshold with less products, reducing your cost even more. I’ve updated my original post with the shelf prices (in red), and here’s how I did at the store today:

For my first transaction, I focused on the baking products. The shelf price of the Betty Crocker Supreme Brownie Mix was $3.00, not the $2.00 sale price in the flyer, and the shelf price of the Frosting and Cake Mix was $1.79. Before I put in my Bonus Card, the total was $20.95. After, it was $15, then my manu coupons brought it down to $7.50. I received the $10 Catalina coupon after I paid, and started the next transaction.
The shelf price of the two varieties of yogurt are $2.50, so that makes it easy to get to $20. I purchased 8 of the Fiber One and Yo-Plus Yogurt and used a $1.00 or .50 off (doubled) coupon for each. With the sale price savings and coupons, my total went down to $8.00, so I added some produce to get over $10 so I could use the Cat from the previous transaction. It beeped, but the cashier put it through, and I received another $10 Catalina coupon.

Since the shelf price of the Green Giant Steamers is $2.50, it’s an easy transaction. Just buy 8 to hit the $20 threshold, and use whatever coupons you have (I had four of the .50/2 from the 3/7 paper). After I put in my Bonus Card, it took it down to the sale price of $15, then my $4.00 manu coupons came off. I used my previous $10 Cat to pay just $1.00, and I got another $10 Catalina coupon.

Last time around, I bought the Betty Crocker Muffin Mix, shelf price $3.19, more Cake Mix and Frosting, more Green Giant Steamers and a bag of Chex Mix Traditional, shelf price $3.29 (forgot to put it in the picture). The total was $20.04, after sale prices and coupons it went down to $8.14, so I added the butter and yogurt to get the total high enough to use the last $10 Cat, then I earned another Catalina coupon to use anytime between now and April 4th (they usually print with an expiration date of 2 weeks later).
For all the coupon links and other info you need to do these deals at Giant, head back to my original post.
This is not part of the Catalina promo, but I was happy to get my favorite kids’ shampoo, L’oreal, on sale at $1.99 with a doubled .75 off coupon from the 1/24 paper. These were just .89. And, the All Detergent was on sale for $3.99 and I still had a few of the $2.00 off coupons from the 2/7 paper. It was a fun trip to Giant this morning!