Meal Plan Monday: Adapting to Gluten-Free

It’s been one week since I went gluten-free, and so far? I’m hungry. Really hungry. Even though I’m eating way more fruits and vegetables, I don’t feel like I’m gettnig enough fiber, and I don’t feel as full. High fiber foods have been my main way of dealing with my gastro problems up till now, so I’m a little unsure about that part. A big plus that I have found so far, whether or not I turn out to have a sensitivity, is that eating FF is helping me break bad habits–for example, as I’m cleaning up the breakfast dishes, I would normally pop the kids’ extra food in my mouth, but I’m not doing that. I’m not eating brownies and cookies, or mindlessly snacking during the day. I still have a sweet tooth, but I understand that can change as I continue. I hope so, as that’s one of my worst eating habits.

Adapting my usual recipes has been pretty easy. I found GF soy sauce to use in my Pineapple Pork recipe and for this week’s fish. Last week’s Mexican Breakfast Casserole was a big hit with all of us, and I had the leftovers for lunch.

Sunday–Beef Tacos with taco shells, tomato, lettuce, black beans, rice

Monday–Asian Fish in a Packet, which is a complete meal with veggies and brown rice

Tuesday–Broccoli Pie (I bought a GF pancake mix to substitute for the Bisquick), salad

Wednesday--Garlic & Thyme Chicken in the crockpot (look for that recipe later this week), quinoa pilaf, salad

Thursday–Turkey & Parmesan Pasta (I found rice pasta at Trader Joe’s, and make sure your beef bouillon is GF), green beans

Friday–Chicken, Peppers and Potatoes, frozen peas (this was on last week’s plan but we had some sort of crazy night so we haven’t had it yet)

Saturday–BBQing with neighbors. I bought flank steak, so we’ll have it with grilled peppers, mushrooms and onions–yum!

For more meal plans, see the big linky at I’m an Organizing Junkie. For more Gluten-Free Meal Plans, there’s one hosted by Celiacs in the House this week. To join us next week, see the rules at Gluten-Free Goodness.

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