WFMW: Connect With Other Bloggers

I’m devoting Wednesdays to Blogging Tips that work for me. Last week, I shared how I use blog memes.
Tip #2 is….Connect with other bloggers.

Connecting with others brings you so many benefits–a friend to bounce ideas off or work through struggles alongside, guest posts and content material, referrals to monetizing and PR opportunities, sharing information so you’re not reinventing the wheel, and more.

There are many ways to connect. Use whatever works for you:

  • Comments! Leave a comment on posts you read, ask a question, compliment them, or share how they’re reaching you with their writing. Sometimes I get a response back via email.
  • Twitter. When you see another blogger is online, Twitter works as IM. You can chat, ask questions, collaborate, share. By retweeting other bloggers’ posts and tweets, you’re creating rapport.
  • Meet-ups, both formal and informal. Just a few weeks ago, some of us Northern VA frugal bloggers had dinner together. It was great to meet each other after online knowing each other “virtually” for so long. Then last week, I went to MomzShare, a great meet-up of DC area mom bloggers (and there were even gluten-free cupcakes!). It was crazy with 70+ bloggers in attendance, but I met a lot of new people I’d only seen in blogland.
  • Skype and old-fashioned telephone. So far, I’m only using Skype for its IM function (can’t figure out the microphone part), but it’s useful because you can create a chat for many many people at once. Having a conversation with 10 people is interesting! But there’s lots to share and learn. I set up a night to chat with a local blogging friend, and when we couldn’t get Skype to work, I just picked up the phone. We discussed our challenges and obstacles and helped each other out.
  • Conferences. To do a lot of networking, learning, and meeting new people all at once, you can try a Blog Conference. I’m going back to Type A Mom in September. It’s just my pace, a smaller conference, and I’m excited to learn more after being another year into this crazy venture.
How do you connect with other bloggers? How has it helped you?

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