Eating Gluten Free: Lunches

This is a series of posts designed to help those of you eating gluten-free, or feeding gluten-free kids. If you missed the earlier posts, read about GF Breakfasts, GF Dinners and Frugal Shopping Tips.

As much as dinners were an easy transition for me on the gluten-free diet, lunches have been the most challenging. More often than not, we are coming in the door from a morning out, and I need something quick. This is hard enough to do when you’re not watching what you eat, but this has really stumped me!

I’ve taken to saving a bowlful of each dinner the night before, just so there are some leftovers for me to quickly heat up. If there’s time, I can make an omelet or scramble some eggs with sauteed vegetables, but I’m getting tired of having eggs all the time. Often, I’ll make the girls sandwiches, and I’ll just eat the insides without the bread.

If I’m feeling very ambitious, I’ll make a huge salad. Here’s my Greek Salad with chickpeas, artichoke hearts, olives, Feta cheese along with the usual Romaine, cucumbers and tomato. If there’s leftover chicken from a previous dinner, I can throw that on top. Yum!

But most days, I’m not this ambitious. Sometimes I end up snacking on vegetables, cheese, etc. and just hanging on until dinner. I can really use your ideas on this one…

Help! What suggestions do you have for GF lunches?

Image courtesy of Whatsername?