WFMW: Enter a Blog Carnival

I’ve been devoting my WFMW posts to blogging tips that work for me. If you missed the rest, just click here and scroll down to see them.

Tip #4 is….Gain new blog readers through blog carnivals.

While the most important thing you can do on your blog is write–post good content and post regularly–there are some steps you can take to gain new readers. One is to get your posts in front of new readers from other blogs. You can do this through guest posting (more on that in a later WFMW post), or submit your best/favorite posts to blog carnivals.

I’ve mentioned before how you can use memes to increase your traffic, but there is also a site called Blog Carnival that you may find helpful. Search for a carnival on a topic you like (parenting, finance, etc.) and be sure to check the date to see when the next carnival will be published. Just this week, I was part of the Festival of Frugality hosted by NerdWallet. Thanks, Tim!

One of my favorite places to submit posts is TipJunkie. She compiles all kinds of how-to’s from all over the blogosphere and shares them in themed posts. Whether you have an organizing, craft, or food idea to share, it’s a great place to be seen by her MANY readers. Today I’m featured in Tip Junkie’s Birthday Bash for my Lego Birthday Party post. Thanks, Laurie!

Some carnival sites ask that you only submit posts from the past two weeks; others allow posts from anytime. Think about some of your most-commented or best traffic posts (for example, I get a lot of Google search traffic for that Lego post). The hope is that readers will click over and find your blog, see what you’re all about, and stay to read more.

For more Works for Me Wednesday posts, see one of my favorite blog carnivals at We Are That Family.


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