WFMW: Monetize Your Blog with Amazon Associates

I’ve been devoting my WFMW posts to blogging tips that work for me. If you missed the first three, just click here and scroll down to see them.

Tip #4 is….Use Amazon Associates to monetize your blog.

This is only, of course, once you’ve decided to monetize. When you’re looking for money-earning opportunities with your blog, there are many. So I wanted to start you with an easy one. Why start with Amazon?

  1. It’s easy to join. Sign up here. *Unfortunately, Colorado, North Carolina and Rhode Island residents are ineligible.
  2. Amazon is a well-known, trusted retailer. Sending readers to Amazon through your affiliate links provides a safe, familiar shopping experience.
  3. You’re probably quite familiar with Amazon, both in navigating and in purchasing. There’s not too much to learn to make this work. They have a Get Started Tour if you need it.

Once you’ve signed up, you’re able to add widgets or banners to your site or you can stick with affiliate links within your posts (be sure to include FTC disclosure when you do). They have a handy banner that runs across your window to help you link to products in seconds. At the beginning of each month, you earn 4% commission on each purchase made through your link, and it applies to all items purchased, not just the item you linked. If you link to a favorite children’s book, for example, and your reader clicks through and decides not to buy the book, but instead order that new digital camera she’s been eye-ing, you get the commission on the camera. Your earning percentage goes up with the number of items you sell each month, and reverts back to 4% on the 1st next month.

Think about ways you can incorporate Amazon links into your posts, such as my Father’s Day gift suggestions. If you’re a food blogger, what about a list of your favorite cookbooks or absolute-necessity kitchen gadgets? If you’re a mom blogger who writes about a lot of topics, think about an area of your expertise:  children’s books, favorite bath toys, birthday gift suggestions. These are just a few ideas to get you started; you’ll want to give Amazon Associates a try for a 3-6 months to learn what works for you and your blog.

For some more tips on monetizing with Amazon, see my post Maximize Your Earnings as an Amazon Associate over at TopMomBlogger.

Disclosure: I get nothing for referring you to Amazon Associates, I just think it’s an easy way to get started with blog monetizing.