WFMW: Stick to a Blog Schedule

I’ve been devoting my WFMW posts to blogging tips that work for me. If you missed the rest, just click here and scroll down to see them.

It’s difficult to keep up a series of Blogging Tips when you’re hardly on the computer anymore. Summer schedule has been challenging, and most nights I’m too tired to stay up and write. So it’s appropriate and amusing that I share with you…

Tip #5:  Create and stick to a blogging schedule.

Back in May, I was getting into a groove. I found a great set of organizers that I used to jot down all my blog post ideas and organize them within a calendar month. I wasn’t being control freaky about it, but I came up with loose schedule that looked something like this:

Monday–meal plan, personal update
Tuesday–something crafty, Home Depot/Lowes projects
Wednesday–WFMW (blog tips), photo/other deals
Thursday–random/personal finance
Friday–recipe/food-related, more deals

Choosing a general topic for multiple posts (such as recipes) makes it easier to work ahead. When I do find time, I can sit and write the posts 2-3 weeks ahead, then go back later for photos and links. I used the Blog Post Planner and Calendar, two free planning sheets from Productive Flourishing to get all the post ideas brainstormed and written down so they’re not on a bunch of random post-its or lists. I had thought that getting myself organized on paper would help keep me on track, but it’s still on paper because I can’t get to the computer daily. Sigh.

How do you organize your blogging posts/topics?

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