WFMW: Take a Break from Blogging

I’ve been devoting my WFMW posts to blogging tips that work for me. If you missed the rest, just click here and scroll down to see them.

I’m sure you’re having a busy a summer as we are, filled with lazy mornings and easy dinners, less-bathed kids and more-chlorined hair. Last week when I returned from a half-work, half-play trip to the West Coast, I found it very hard to get back onto the computer. I had been out of routine, happily, for a week, and it was hard to get the momentum back. This leads me to

Tip #7: Take a Break from Blogging.

While away, I didn’t miss trying to keep up with my Google Reader, looking for shopping deals or any of my usual computer-related tasks. I tried to catch up on sleep, read books and magazines, spent lots of time talking with a good friend and I missed my kids. Then, when it was time to come back online, I had renewed energy and about a zillion new things to blog about (funny how that happens!).

If you read a bunch of blogs, you’ll see lots of people posting that they’re on break during the beginning of August. The reason is two-fold: most families are traveling or enjoying each others company for the summer, and readership tends to go down during this time of the year. Make a point to meet demand–I see this happen during the holidays, too–if fewer readers are online, don’t stress yourself out trying to post daily. Take it easy. Scale back a bit until everyone gets back into the fall/school starting routine, which usually involves reading blogs and checking email subscriptions. Traffic will pick up then.

Hope you’re having a great summer, both on- and off-line! For more Works for Me Wednesday posts, head over to We Are That Family.


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