WFMW: Vinegar & Water

One of the most common suggestions for saving money and saving the environment is to use vinegar for cleaning. I heard it for years, but I never tried it. After all, with my couponing skills, I hadn’t paid for cleaners in a long time! But with three small children playing on my floors, I tried it, and I was very happy with how it cleaned my Pergo. Now, I’ve switched to vinegar (just half and half with water in a spray bottle from the dollar store) and I use it on mirrors, windows, walls, baseboards, and plenty of other places.

With a safe cleaner like vinegar, it’s been a lot easier to get the kids to help clean the house. They love using the spray, and we use our white washcloths for soft scrubbing. This morning, they’ve cleaned the windows, mirrors, and all the dining room furniture (their idea, not mine). It’s been great, and they’re proud to help out.
 Vinegar and water is working for me!

How do you have your kids help clean the house?

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