Hasbro Board Game Deal at TRU

Just like last year, there’s a big Hasbro Board Game Deal running at Toys R Us this week. You’ll be combining sale prices with a mail-in rebate (MIR) and gift card promo to get these super-low prices.

Toys R Us is offering a FREE $10 Gift Card with any Hasbro Game purchase of $35 or more. There is also a Hasbro Games Mail-in Rebate (MIR) that you’ll find on a tearpad in the store or can print here. And, according to the Big Toy Book, you also get a FREE Chocolate Monopoly or Scrabble Game when you buy any of the $10.99-priced games. This week’s ad has the sale prices listed below running through Saturday, November 13th:

  • $3.00 Games ($2 MIR available): Candyland, Chutes & Ladders
  • $5.00 Games ($2 MIR available): Ants in the Pants, Cootie, Don’t Break the Ice, Don’t Spill the Beans, Hi Ho Cherry-O, Memory,
  • $10.99 Games ($3 MIR available): Battleship, Connect 4, The Game of Life, Guess Who?, Monopoly, Operation, Scrabble, Sorry!, Trouble, Twister **These games give you a FREE Chocolate Scrabble or Monopoly, too.
  • $12.99 Games ($3 MIR available): Bop it!, Bop it Bounce!, Cuponk, Elefun, Gator Golf, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Pop Goes Froggio
  • $14.99 Games ($3 MIR available): U-Build versions of Battleship, Connect 4, Monopoly, Mouse Trap, Sorry

Rebate Form
The rebate form is printable or you can pick one up in the store. Look for it in the board game aisle. Purchases must be between 10/31 and 12/31, and you can only request one rebate per game per address. Be sure to only get one of each eligible game if you want the rebate to apply.

Shopping Scenarios
I’m excited to shop for Toys for Tots with these kinds of deals, because they help me stretch my donation dollars further. Here’s a shopping scenario that includes the chocolate game freebies:

Chutes & Ladders $3.99
Hi Ho Cherry-O $5.00
Memory $5.00
Battleship $10.99
Chocolate Scrabble FREE
Trouble $10.99
Chocolate Monopoly FREE
Total: $35.97 and I’ll get $12 back in MIR and a $10 Gift Card. Final cost: $13.97 (basically, $2 per game).

If you skip the chocolate freebie and stick with the lowest-priced games, you can do this:

Candy Land $3.99
Chutes & Ladders $3.99
Ants in the Pants $5.00
Cootie $5.00
Don’t Break the Ice $5.00
Don’t Spill the Beans $5.00
Hi Ho Cherry-O $5.00
Memory $5.00
Total: $37.98 and I’ll get back $16 in MIR and a $10 Gift Card. Final cost: $11.98 (that comes out to $1.50 per game!)

I’ll be heading to TRU today to test this out. If you do this deal, please share your scenario in the comments so others can see what you buy. Thanks!