Where to File State Income Tax for FREE

After you’ve completed your federal tax return, you can save a few dollars by using your state’s FREE e-file program. For years, Virginia offered free e-filing (but it’s been removed this year–boo!), so I would just print out my federal return and use those numbers to complete my state tax return.

Here are the 20 states that currently offer FREE e-file for state income tax returns:

The list above reflects states that offer FREE e-filing for ALL state residents. I’ve checked all these links, but if I missed your state, please let me know! Other states, including Virginia, do allow FREE e-filing of state taxes as long as you meet the income requirements. Each state’s requirements vary, so head to your state’s tax website (most web addresses are name-of-state.gov) to see if you qualify. Last, the states that do not require individual income tax filing (like Tennessee) do offer free e-filing of interest income and other taxable income.

Disclosure: I am not a financial advisor or CPA and am not offering advice as such. My tax posts are informational and contain links for reference and verification.