Back to School Prep: Packing Lunches, part 2

I already shared with you how I’ve switched my family to reusable lunch containers to save money. As we head into Back to School season, are you thinking about what types of things to pack for lunch? My son was so easy–he’d eat anything–but my two girls starting kindergarten are a little pickier. Here are some fabulous resources for lunch ideas, especially when you’re sick of sandwiches:

Find a 10-page gallery of Yummy Lunch Ideas at the EasyLunchboxes website. I love scrolling through to get ideas for new lunch fixings.

For gluten-free kids, check out the Gluten-Free Lunchbox series at The Gluten-Free Homemaker. There’s also a big 75 GF School Lunch Ideas list at Gluten Freeville.

There are lots of fun bento blogs out there, but I really like What’s For Lunch at Our House? If you’re not up for the fun shapes and special touches, look past that for Shannon’s great ideas for healthy lunches.

I hope you’re feeling inspired. My goal this year is to pack easy, healthy lunches for my three kiddos. What’s your goal?

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