Meal Plan Monday: Halloween Week

Yesterday I shared some of the fun foods we’re making for the Halloween parties and events we’re enjoying. Lunches and dinners pale in comparison, I’m afraid. My mom is coming to visit this week, so there will probably be a day of making meatballs between the two of us (bonding through food) and we’re gearing up for a fun Halloween weekend.

For the lunchboxes this week:

  • Leftover pizza (they’re excited!)
  • Chicken salad made with leftover chicken from Thurs.
  • Ravioli and broccoli (in the Thermos)
  • Beans, rice and cheese (my kids love this simple meal)
  • Turkey sandwiches

Ground beef was finally on sale this week, so we’re having a couple of beef meals for the first time in quite a while. I’m buying enough to make meatballs to freeze plus saving pre-formed hamburgers for grilling in future weeks.

Sunday–We grilled with our neighbors–hamburgers, veggies, and homemade guacamole with chips
Meatless Monday–Real Mac & Cheese made with gluten-free pasta and flour, green beans
Tuesday–Super Easy Chicken Soup, bread
Wednesday–Ground beef tacos, fixings, black beans
Thursday–Chicken with Feta & Spinach over angel hair pasta (GF for me)
Friday–Sausage with peppers, onions, and red potatoes

Saturday–Mom and I will come up with something. If we’ve done the meatballs by then, it’s probably pasta again.

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