Free 60-Day Membership to BJ’s Warehouse Club

Get a 60-day Trial Membership to BJ’s Wholesale Club by printing this coupon and taking it to your local BJ’s. I did this trial last summer and loved the lower prices on milk, deli meat and gas. Milk gallons were $2.45 instead of the regular grocery store’s $3.99! I also found great prices on bulk items like almonds, and I know many who like the prices on diapers and formula. This offer is good until the 4th of July, so plan your 60-days with that in mind (maybe to stock up on BBQ and summer supplies?).

Remember that you can use manufacturer’s coupons at BJ’s stacked with their store coupons. You can also use multiple coupons on the same package; for example–if you buy a 4-pack of toothpaste, you can use four .50 off one toothpaste coupons on that package. Their coupon policy states:

  • When purchasing a multi-pack of items at BJ’s, which is a set of items that could be sold individually (each item has a barcode) shrink-wrapped and sold together, shoppers can combine one BJ’s-issued coupon with manufacturers’ coupons. However, you cannot exceed the actual retail price in the total value of coupons. Examples of a multipack includea three-pack of toothpaste, two-pack of salad dressing or a three-pack of taco kits.
  • Members may also use one BJ’s coupon and one manufacturer’s coupon on a single item.
  • In terms of manufacturer’s coupons that are ‘buy one, get one free’ BJ’s will honor the coupon for items in stock as long as BJ’s price does not exceed the maximum value stated on the coupon. If the manufacturer’s coupon does not state the maximum value then BJ’s can not honor the coupon.

Find the BJ’s Coupon Policy and printable store coupons online.


  1. Do they let you use one of these trial memberships if you have used one in the past? For instance can I do this then 6 months from now do another trial membership?

    • You could call BJ’s to check, but I’m guessing no. I think that once you’ve become a BJ’s Member (even on a 60-day trial), you’re not a “new member” anymore. The coupon says, in the fine print, “is only good for new Members.”