Meal Plan Monday–a late start!

Okay, so I’m posting my Monday meal plan late on Tuesday. It happens. These two weeks are busy, especially with dinnertime-adjacent activities, so I’m relying on a few more convenience foods than usual. Convenience foods for me are things like Smiley Potatoes, Trader Joe’s frozen sides, and my crockpot. As long as we’re fed, it’s all good. I’m paying less attention to the budget these two weeks and am curious if I can stay on track while relaxing about it a bit. Here’s my plan for the next two weeks:

Sunday–Beef tacos with corn shells, fixings, rice and beans
Meatless Monday–Ravioli with pesto, green beans, salad
Tuesday–Chicken drumsticks, brown rice, peas, cauliflower
Wednesday–Turkey burgers, Smiley Potatoes, salad
Thursday–Leftover chicken drumsticks, probably cold, leftover salad and whatever else I can scrounge up.
Friday–Busy night! Frozen pizza with veggies added. We have two evening events and are crunched for time.
Saturday–Steak fajitas with red & green peppers and onions, brown rice, black beans

Sunday–BBQ Chicken in the slow cooker (just lazy chicken, breasts + a bottle of sauce), GF buns, broccoli slaw
Meatless Monday–Spinach & Feta Pasta Salad (with the nice weather, the kids have been asking for this summer favorite)
Balsamic & Brown Sugar Pork Chops, mashed potatoes, salad
WednesdaySlow Cooker Broccoli & Beef, brown rice noodles
Thursday–Bacon & Asparagus Quiche, Rosemary Potatoes, salad
Friday–Chicken breasts with olive tapenade (from Trader Joe’s), brown rice, asparagus
Saturday–Eating out for the twins’ birthday–yay!

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