Meal Plan Monday: Getting out of Recipe Rut

I shared my two-week meal plan last Monday. Today, I’m sharing another meal planning strategy…

Once you get the hang of meal planning and start enjoying the benefits–less stress, less trips to the store, etc.–you may find yourself in a bit of a rut. It happens to me as the seasons change; we’ve been eating the same meals over and over again. It’s time to try something new! But as a busy mom, I need really simple recipes to try, nothing with too many ingredients or that takes too long. I find myself turning to these three resources often for a little inspiration:

  1. Just as I use OrgJunkie’s weekly Menu Plan Monday meme as accountability for myself to get my meal plan done, I find it a great source of new-to-me, tried-and-true recipes. Click on the some of the participants’ entries and you’ll find many quick meals enjoyed by other families. You may find a blog with similar recipe tastes as yours, then you can check out their recipe page or past menu plan posts. I always appreciate seeing how other busy families eat–you’ll even see frozen pizza and other quickies on the menus–since it’s real life! Laura also has her own page of Family Favorite Recipes.
  2. I also like the Month of Menus at Woman’s Day Magazine. You can access it FREE even if you don’t have a subscription. These are quick, family-friendly meals that suggest new spices and marinades, which I appreciate since I can’t think them up myself. Or, I get ideas for sides that go with foods we eat often, like pork chops and chicken breasts. Some recipes include convenience foods like rotisserie chicken from the grocery store, great for busy families.
  3. I love finding really simple cookbooks. I mean really simple, like 3-4 ingredients, something I can do without thinking too hard when I’m tired and trying to make dinner and the kids are asking for help with their homework. One of my long-time favorites is Make it Fast, Cook it Slow by blogger Stephanie O’Dea. Most recipes are a handful of ingredients, and they all get thrown in a slow cooker. I use this cookbook all. the. time. Love it! And I’m testing a new one right now, Food Network Magazine’s 1,000 Easy Recipes, and I’m really liking it. You’ll see my review (and have a chance to win a copy) later this week.

What are your favorite resources for new recipes?

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