$5 DIY Owl Costume

Halloween doesn’t have to be expensive. Just like last year, time and creativity trump money when it comes to costumes. And you still have time, so don’t worry! If you think you’re not creative, you can just copy creative ideas off the internet like I do. With a couple of hours and a couple of dollars, I “made” a cute $5 DIY Owl Costume for one of my 6-year-old daughters. And, it’s no-sew. Don’t need an owl costume? You can follow these same steps to make another animal:

Find some inspiration
My daughter wanted to be an owl for Halloween, so I headed to Pinterest for ideas. Most of what I found required sewing. Phooey. I had to make it simpler, so I figured I could use a hot glue gun instead.

Mask or hat?
My inspiration costumes used masks, but I didn’t want my daughter to have trouble seeing when we’re out trick-or-treating. I found this fuzzy knitted hat at the thrift store for $1. My daughter and I cut out circles of felt, she chose the buttons, and we glued them onto the hat with a hot glue gun. I cut a little beak out of orange felt, too. The hat colors dictated the feather colors for the costume.

Start with an old piece of clothing

If I’d had an old shirt of her brother’s, I would have used that, but I bought a grey t-shirt at a thrift store for $1 instead. I don’t sew, so using a shirt meant I didn’t have to construct anything. You can use a long-sleeved tee or sweatshirt as the basis for many costumes.

Cut felt into shapes
I cut a piece of cardboard into a U shape (for feathers) and cut a bunch out of felt. I had some felt already, and I bought a bunch of the .23 sheets at Walmart in owl-y colors. This would work with many kinds of animals; just adapt the shape to whatever animal you’re making–feathers, fur, stripes, etc.

Glue felt with hot glue
I don’t sew, but I can glue. I glued the feathers on in lines on the back and front of the shirt. Then I went back over the collar to make it more round. I couldn’t believe how heavy the shirt was when I was done–at least she’ll be nice and warm on Halloween night!

My daughter wore dark grey leggings (that we already had) for the bottom of the costume, and she absolutely loves it. She wore it to a party last weekend, and only one feather came loose, so I just glued it back on. A couple of hours + a couple of dollars = happy mom and happy child. Yippee!

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