Win Blog Giveaways {Make Money Monday}

blog giveaways

Blog giveaways? I know, you’re already questioning this one, but bear with me. Over the past six years that I’ve been reading blogs, I can now say that you can actually make money by winning blog giveaways. Here’s what I’ve learned and how I do it:

Why blog giveaways?

You can enter giveaways with major companies like Coke, General Mills, etc., but then you’re competing with thousands upon thousands of others. By focusing on blog giveaways, you have the option of entering with tens or hundreds of entrants. You’re much more likely to win!

Find legitimate places to enter giveaways

I use a couple of blog giveaway linky/roundups each week to identify prizes I’d like to win. I generally go for gift cards, but with the holidays approaching, I’m now entering giveaways for gifts I can give to family members. Here are some of my top spots:

  • An Apron Full of Giveaways at MomAdvice: This is a large collection, but I like the variety.
  • Giveaway Directory at Someday Crafts: This has lots of Etsy and other crafty product giveaways.
  • Go Graham Go has a huge list of linky’s by day–you’ll see the same giveaways repeated on them, so just pick a few and give it a try.

Decide your limits

I set limits on my time and on what I’m willing to do to enter. I prefer simple entry methods–leave a comment, follow on Twitter, etc. There’s no need to jump through hoops or do anything you’re uncomfortable with. Timewise, I only spend about 10 minutes per week entering giveaways. With the holidays approaching and so many companies doing blog giveaways in the next month, I’ll double that effort. It usually pays off!

How does this “make money?”

There are two ways I make money by winning giveaways. First, I replace part of my budget with the prize–for example, if I win a $50 gas card, I can take $50 out of that month’s budget and put it towards debt payoff (or whatever your current goal/purpose for extra income). This time of year, I’m entering giveaways for toys and other gifts that will offset my holiday shopping budget, freeing up that cash. Second, you can sell prizes to make money. A few years ago, I won a vacuum cleaner, a really nice one. I held onto it for a while, expecting my current vacuum cleaner to quit at some point, but it still hasn’t. After storing the vacuum, still new in the box, in my basement for over three years, I went ahead and sold it on Craigslist for $100.

An extra bonus to winning blog contests is getting some “fun stuff” for my family–like concert tickets, video games, etc.–for FREE. That saves us money because we don’t have to use our entertainment budget for the month, and it’s a nice surprise!

Do you enter blog giveaways? What are your strategies?

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