Minecraft Valentines {9 Easy Printables}

Minecraft Valentines (9 easy printables) | MoneywiseMoms

All three of my kids <LOVE> the video game Minecraft. If you haven’t seen it before, it makes no sense to most adults. It’s just digging up blocks that you move somewhere else and then build with. Kind of like Lego but digital, I guess? I’ve learned to appreciate it because:

  1. When my kids play Minecraft, they play together as 2-4 players. They work together, talking and cooperating, so it’s very interactive and no one is sitting there vegging out staring at a screen.
  2. They get so creative! My girls have used Minecraft to recreate the whole town from the Little House on the Prairie Books and often build huge animals or replicate what they’re learning at school (currently, Native American villages).
  3. There’s an option to play nonviolently (which my kids prefer), called “peaceful mode.” Rather than beat each other up, they focus on building and have a great time together.

If you have Minecraft fans like me, then some easy, printable Minecraft Valentines might be just the thing you need. Even my fifth grader, who didn’t want to do classroom Valentines last year, want to do these because so many girls and boys in his class play Minecraft.

Creeper Valentines from Creekside Learning | Minecraft Valentines  Roundup at MoneywiseMoms

These Creeper Valentines from Creekside Learning use construction paper and electrical tape and are a great tactile experience for kids while they’re creating them.

Easy Minecraft Valentines from Taylor Joelle Designs | Minecraft Valentines Roundup at MoneywiseMoms

Go 3-D with these adorable Easy Minecraft Valentines from Taylor Joelle Designs. Just poke a hole in Steve’s hand and insert a lollipop for the treat.

Printable Minecraft Bookmarks from GrungeZombie | Minecraft Valentines Roundup at MoneywiseMoms

Not technically Valentines, but these Printable Minecraft Bookmarks from GrungeZombie would be a great handout for older kids who still want to participate in the class tradition.

Free Printable Minecraft Valentines from Over the Big Moon | Minecraft Valentines Roundup at MoneywiseMoms

Over the Big Moon has Free Printable Minecraft Valentines with wrappers for Hershey’s Nuggets to attach to each.

Minecraft Valentines in Pink from Over the Big Moon | Minecraft Valentines Roundup at MoneywiseMoms

Since they were so popular, they then offered another version with pink wrappers and all new sayings. Find these Minecraft Valentines in Pink at Over the Big Moon.

Printable Minecraft Storyteller from Julian & Co | Minecraft Valentines Roundup at MoneywiseMoms

Another cool alternative for older kids to give classmates is this Printable Valentine Storyteller from Julian & Co.

Minecraft Brownie Bites and Candy Wrappers from Keeping it Simple | Minecraft Valentines Roundup at MoneywiseMoms

Wrap up some Minecraft Brownie Bites and Candy Bars with these colorful wrappers and Valentines from Keeping it Simple.

Printable Minecraft Valentines from Cute as a Fox | Minecraft Valentines Roundup at MoneywiseMoms

I love all 9 different designs from Cute As a Fox. Print and hand them out as flat Valentines, or attach them to a candy treat.

BE MINEcraft Valentines Candy Wrapper Printable from Club Chica Circle | Minecraft Valentines Roundup at MoneywiseMoms

These Be Minecraft Valentines Candy Wrapper Printables from Club Chica Circle would make a great gift for a best friend! They fit around Sweethearts Candy boxes.

Which is your favorite Minecraft Valentine?

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  1. What cute and creative ideas! I love homemade crafts and these are truly original for Valentine’s Day!
    Lauren @ DC Healthy Bites recently posted..Everyday Health and Wellness ConferenceMy Profile

  2. Just when I was brainstorming about what to suggest for my siblings’ Valentines activity, I stumble upon these great ideas right here. Thank you! I was just thinking it would be ridiculous to head to the store and spend several tens on kids who will appreciate more sweets covered with their favorite characters/games/etc.
    Shane @ Financial Debauchery recently posted..Good Car insurance Does Exist – And for Cheap! I’m $600 Richer NowMy Profile

  3. Very cute! Pinning these for my mine craft loving friends :)
    Ashley @irishred02 recently posted..The Color Run Kaleidoscope Tour The #Happiest5K Discount Code Inside!My Profile

  4. this is my sons favourite thing to play. He would love these. thanks for sharing.
    Annaleis recently posted..School Bag Checklist (Updated)My Profile

  5. This is really cute and creative. I am always looking for cool boyish things for my 9 year old son and this is perfect.
    Michellette “Mimi” Green recently posted..How long is your parental rope?My Profile

  6. All of these are awesome. Can’t wait to show my mine craft loving son. Stopping by from SITS girls.
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    Noodle Tutorial
    My Profile

  7. Oh my son loves Minecraft, I will totally have to do these next year for him. I definitely like the peaceful mode of minecraft myself and thankfully so does my son. Thank you for my comment on my blog the other day.
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  8. I love these! My daughter is a Minecraft nut. I may need to make some of these, just for her. :)

  9. LOVED the bookmark idea. Printed on photo paper but tool a long time for the black ink to dry, but I used glossy… Anyway, printed on card stock and all of my son’s mine craft friends wanted a book mark in addition to the ones in his class. Love these ideas Gina. Keep em coming!